Sunday, May 12, 2013

Deep Water Culture up and running

It's time to get the DWC system up and running! It has been long overdue considering my beans have been ready to go into the DWC system for over a week. However, I waited until my other seedlings were ready to go.

Pluggbox after almost two weeks since last picture
After almost two weeks since last picture

Much have happened in this box in two weeks. Two weeks ago I made this post.
Sadly the Buttercrunch lettuce did not sprout but everything else did.

No soil is going into the DWC system so the soil was carefully washed away from each plant. The plants were then "planted" into a net cup together with clay pellets which will hold the plant in place. In hindsight it might have been easier/better to try to grow the seedlings in rockwool instead of soil.

Air curtain
Air curtain

The air curtain is placed in the bottom of the bucket. I'm also using a check valve which will prevent water from flowing backwards in case the power to the air pump is cut. This is important if the air pump is placed lower than the bucket.

Water covering the bottom part of the net cup
Water covering the bottom part of the net cup

When you start a DWC system make sure you fill enough water so that the bottom part of the net cups are below the water level. Otherwise the roots of the plants can not reach the water. The maximum water level will only be at just below the net cups once the roots have grown below the net cups.

The Gold Label Hydro A+B nutrients are supposed to be mixed in equal quantities, 0.5 - 3 ml per liter. I started off with 0.25 ml per liter and I will gradually increase this when necessary. Also, do not mix A+B directly, always mix in the water.

Transplantation to DWC done!
Transplantation to DWC done!

This is the finished result. So far the plants seems to be happy.


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