Monday, April 29, 2013


Most of my seedlings are growing (hopefully) inside this little box. It is a "Nelson Pluggbox" with room for 49 plants.

Nelson pluggbox
My little greenhouse

The box is like a mini greenhouse. Once the plants have grown the middle tray is pushed down to the bottom container which will "pop up" the plants.

Plants leaning towards the sunlight

The Grand Rapids lettuce (เมล็ด ผักกาดหอม [Pak Salad Hom]) and Chinese Kale (ผักคะน้า [Phak ka na]) are growing strong. In the background the Holy Basil (เมล็ด กระเพรา เขียว) is starting to grow. And one Bird chili (พริกขี้หนู) plant. The Buttercrunch lettuce have not started to grow yet. As you can see they grow towards the sunlight. I have now rotated the box 90 degrees.

Yard long bean
Yard long bean (เมล็ด ถั่วฝักยาว)

The Pluggbox is not suitable for beans and peas because the container for a seed is too small. These are my Yard long bean (เมล็ด ถั่วฝักยาว [Tua fugk yaew]) plants which seems pretty easy to grow.

I have also tried to start growing winged beans and kaffir lime without any success :-(

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